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Pediatric Medical Supply Kit

Attention Treatments:

  • Thermometers - Preferably glass axillary, and If they are glass, keep at least 2. Glass thermometers break very easily.
  • Medicine Dispenser Syringes or Spoon Tools - With English Teaspoon and Millilter (ML) metric measurement graduations.
  • Acetaminophen - ( Tylenol, Nortemp and other store brands) *
  • Ibuprofen - ( Advil, Motrin and other store brands) *
  • Blue-Bulb Syringe (For nasal suction use)
  • Saline Solution (For nasal suction use)
  • Benadryl Suspension Formula
  • Cough Syrup (Consult your physician for which type/brand to use; E.G. Dimetapp, Triaminic , etc.)

First Aid & Prevention:

  • Bandaids and Gauze Bandage Supplies
  • Neosporin Infection Deterrent (Cream and/or Ointment)
  • Cortisone Cream
  • Sunblock (Over 25 protection for babies under 6 mo. old)
  • Insect Repellant (with 5% - 12% DEET for children over 6 mo. old)
  • Nutricious Food - Yes, you should always maintain enough nutricious healthy food (or formula) and clean drinking water on hand just for your child; especially over holidays or for emergencies when access to supplies may be limited.

*Recomendation: Maintain various types and brands of these fever reduction analgesics on hand.